A Story About Bob

I want to tell you a story about a man called Bob who always avoided getting his picture taken.

He thought that he wasn’t photogenic and that no matter what, he would always look bad in photos ????

He avoided family gatherings, parties, and even professional headshots for his job. He was convinced that the camera just didn’t like him and that *he* was the problem. 

One day, Bob’s job required him to get a professional headshot for the company’s website (Gulp!) 

After trying to find ways to avoid the situation and finally realising there was no way out, he (reluctantly) decided to give Hero Shot Photography a try ???? ???? ????

He walked into the studio with a frown on his face and a seriously bad attitude, expecting the worst. How could one photographer, in 20 minutes, possibly change what he had know to be true for his whole life?? He wasn’t even happy with how he looked in the mirror, let alone in a photo ????

However, as soon as he met the team at Hero Shot, they somehow immediately put him at ease ????   

They listened to his concerns, understood his insecurities and assured him that they would make him look great in his headshot (it almost seemed too good to be true) ????

The Hero Shot team worked closely with Bob, from selecting his best outfits to guiding him into natural and flattering poses during his shoot. He even had a few laughs in the process once he let his guard down and stopped taking it so seriously ????

When Bob looked at the images on the back of the camera he couldn’t believe his eyes ????

The final headshot was beyond his expectations, he looked like a million dollars! (even without photoshop) ????

Still in shock, Bob couldn’t stop staring at his new headshot. He couldn’t believe that he could look that good in a photo. ????

After his incredible experience, Bob became a regular at Hero Shot and started booking in for yearly headshot sessions, or whenever he changed his look (or just needed a confidence boost) ????

Armed with his new set of skills, he actually started to enjoy getting his picture taken. ????

Bob’s co-workers, also amazed by the transformation in the picture, immediately booked in with Hero Shot Photography for their own headshots. It was a no brainer! ????

His newfound confidence was contagious and positively affected everyone he came into contact with. He couldn’t believe that this transformation was all down to getting a good headshot! 

Bob learned that it wasn’t him that was the problem, it was the fact that no one had ever taught him how to look good in photographs and Hero Shot photography took the time to do that for him ????

He also realised that being photogenic is a skill (not a birth right) and that great things were waiting for him on the other side of his comfort zone.

What could you learn from Bob? ???? 

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