“Why have a headshot

When you can have a HERO SHOT?”

A Hero Shot is the ultimate image. The picture that speaks a thousand words. The image used to represent yourself, a brand, a story. An image that explains everything and entices the viewer to look at more…


Sammer’s initial passion was never for photography. It was to make people look and feel great in their own skin.


After being accepted in to London’s prestigious ‘London College of Fashion’ : The same group of colleges responsible for Alexander Macqueen, John Galliano, Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs; Sammer’s sights were set on being a fashion designer and some-day managing his own fashion-line.

In 2005 this became a reality when his brand Nonchalant UK was launched, specialising in designer denim with tailored fits, utilising only local manufacturers and home grown fabrics.

Following the GFC in 2007, sustaining the Nonchalant brand, with it’s ‘Home grown, Home sewn’ ideals became near impossible maintain so Sammer set his sights on other things.

A lot happened in the next 10 years including 7 years in the corporate sector, a year taken to travel across southeast Asia, meeting the love of his life (in a nightclub in Manchester) and combining his love of people and life with the creative and equally technical application of photography.

In recent years Sammer has worked for some of Sydney’s most highly awarded portrait photography studios and learnt from some of the most highly regarded portrait photographers in Australia.


“When You look good, we look good.”


After looking through hundreds of Linked In profiles, headshots and mugshots, it was evident that something needed to change. Professional headshots could be so much more than just shots of heads

In 2015 Hero Shot Photography in Sydney was born from a simple question: ‘Why have a head-shot when you can have a HERO SHOT?’

Sammer brings the bespoke, high-end portrait studio quality to life in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. He does this through honest conversations and a genuine desire to help people in their branding journeys. “Your headshot is the hardest working member of your marketing team. It’s working day and night, even when you sleep. People are online 24/7 and that’s why you need a killer headshot. One that looks like you on a REALLY good day.”


“Your headshot is the hardest working member of your marketing team.. show it some love!”


Whilst best known for corporate head shots, Hero Shot Photography also covers a range of commercial photography including product, food, real estate and events with a solid base of customers and corporate clients; Audi, CBRE, Sunglass Hut, Belle Property, Mortgage House, Century 21, Sekisui House to name a few. All of whom have trusted Hero Shot photography to bring out the best in their teams or to bring their creations to life on the web.