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Enhance Your Corporate Image with Professional Headshots in Melbourne. Our sessions are fun and energised, ensuring your team looks approachable and professional.

With over 10 years of experience, we know how to create incredible portraits. We specialise in creating high-quality corporate headshots that reflect your company’s professionalism and brand identity.

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professional headshots for individuals

Nerves are normal, and we know how to help you overcome them to capture the best version of you.

Our headshot studio, located just 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD, offers a great variety of backdrops, textures, and areas to create amazing professional headshots.

You might just enjoy yourself!

Book your session today and stand out with professional headshots perfect for LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and personal branding.


professional headshots

workplace & situational Photography

Bring your brand to life with professional portraits of your business and people. Show your team working, collaborating, and interacting with each other and customers.

We craft and create hero shots that are professionally retouched and print-ready. Perfect for websites, annual reports, PR, and marketing materials.

Capture your workplace’s essence with our situational photography in Melbourne.

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Branding photography allows you to showcase elements of yourself and your business through high-end professional imagery.

We work closely with you to understand what you need from your shoot, from the location to the style and tone of your portraits.

Build your personal brand with stunning headshots in Melbourne. Our sessions are tailored to highlight your unique personality and professional goals.

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Over 600 5-star reviews

Hero Shot specialise in elevating Professional HeadshotsCorporate Headshots for CompaniesStock Imagery and Branding Photography across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. We deliver photography that brings out your personality and aligns to your brand. Every time.

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“I believe Sam is a master of his craft. He works in a very consultative way to bring out the best in you.”

Everett Shiina | Head of Strategic Accounts


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“Sam is a complete professional. He has a way of making his clients feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.”

Rebecca Hanifin | Marketing Manager

Financial Spectrum

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“I’m not comfortable in these situations but Sam made it easy and made sure we got the right shot. Highly recommend.”

Dr Mark Williams

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Do you think you are photogenic?

Most people we meet say they aren’t, but that doesn’t worry us! With over 10 years of experience, we know how to make people look good. We understand how to pose and light each person to flatter their unique features.
Discover how we can help you look your best in professional headshots.
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Your professional image is the first thing people see. If you want a headshot that captures the best part of you, we can help.

Book your session today and let us create a professional headshot that stands out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hero Shot provides professional headshot services across the entire Melbourne area, including key financial districts such as Southbank, Docklands, and St Kilda Road. Our photographers are available for on-location shoots in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs, ensuring convenience and accessibility for our corporate clients.

We also offer outdoor headshots at our studios in Melbourne and Sydney, or on-location as needed.

In addition to Melbourne, Hero Shot has photographers in all major Australian cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, allowing us to cater to clients nationwide.


We specialise in corporate headshots, professional headshots, and business photography. Our experienced team can tailor each session to meet the unique needs of our clients, whether it’s for LinkedIn profiles, company websites, or marketing materials. We are known as a top headshot photographer in Melbourne.

Our corporate photography in Melbourne is executed with the highest standards. We use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to ensure your photos are of the best quality. Our photographers have extensive experience in capturing professional and engaging images that represent your brand effectively.

A headshot is a portrait specifically tailored for business. It should demonstrate who you are and why people should choose you over anyone else. As human beings, we’re prone to making instant, gut decisions on everything from whether someone is credible, capable, and trustworthy. A headshot helps you to bridge this gap and control, to a great extent, the way in which others initially perceive you.

A professional headshot for an individual is the equivalent of a logo for a brand. It will help you get noticed in a crowded street and will also show people that you are established, care about your brand and have invested in your business or invested in yourself. A professional headshot is a marketing tool and should be seen as a marketing expense, as an investment over an outright cost.

You can use your headshot wherever you like, it’s yours! It is still worth considering where you will be using your headshot and if it is the right fit for that platform. For example, you may be looking to tap into a business audience on LinkedIn, a family audience on Facebook, and millennials on Instagram. In such cases, it would be smart to tailor your headshot to relate to these audiences. The Elite headshot session was designed with this in mind.

Colour can make a big difference to your headshot and is a huge topic in itself. Plain colours are generally your best choice. Consider bringing colours that you get a lot of compliments in. Anything that matches your eye colour is always a bonus as it will help draw attention to your eyes. If you are a business owner or a brand ambassador, consider wearing a flash of your brand colour. Rich colours along with gemstone colours (sapphire/ruby/emerald) typically work well on all complexions. Pastels along with patterns are generally best avoided for photography although there are sometimes exceptions.

If you genuinely feel this way, you are our favourite customer (by a long way)!

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than producing awesome headshots for people that think they can’t be helped. All of the headshots that are displayed on our website and the reviews you’ll read about us are from ordinary people, the vast majority of whom also felt they weren’t photogenic.

As skilled headshot photographers in Australia, we don’t just tell you to smile and take a picture. We assume control of every detail and help pose and coach you throughout your entire session. We are 100% committed to making you look your best so you just might be surprised at how photogenic you can be.

It is widely accepted that black is a slimming colour. Black is excellent at hiding the contours of the body (lumps and bumps) because you cannot see shadows on black, thus it gives the appearance that there aren’t any bumps when viewed at certain angles.

In photography, the eye is always drawn to areas of the highest contrast first, so if you want to have your headshot on a white background, wearing black will only emphasise your silhouette and so opting for a lighter colour can help to minimise your outline whilst bringing more attention to your face.

There are lots of tricks we have to make you look thinner on camera: Pose, Posture, Body angle, Angle of light, Camera height, Lens choice, The fit of your clothing, Layering your look, Hair style. We work with people of all shapes and sizes so we’ll always give you personalised advice on this when preparing you for a headshot session.

Professional hair and make-up is more akin to the sprinkles on the cake as opposed to the cake itself (sorry for comparing you to a cake). Without seeing you and knowing a lot more about you and your industry, it really isn’t something we’d be able to comment on.

If you feel like you can do your make-up yourself and feel you do a good job, then you’ll still get a great headshot without professional make-up. If you feel as though you’d like a more glamorous look or if you don’t feel confident doing your own hair and make-up, the make-up artists that we work with are fantastic and well worth the money they charge.

Our Melbourne headshots start at $275 for a basic session, which includes a 30-minute shoot and one professionally retouched image. We offer various packages to suit different needs and budgets. For a detailed breakdown of our pricing and packages, please visit our pricing page or contact us directly for a customised quote.

Sessions for companies can be done over a number of hours or several days. Our session times for individuals range from 20 minutes to 2 hours. This doesn’t include hair and make-up.

In most cases, the length of your session will depend on how experienced you are in front of the camera, your ability to let go and trust the process. The number of looks you wish to achieve, either through clothing or locations, will also play a part in how long we will need for your shoot.


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