Turning a headshot into your hero shot

A Hero Shot is the ultimate image. The picture that speaks a thousand words. The image used to represent yourself, a brand, a story. An image that explains everything and entices the viewer to look at more.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Not anymore! Well, not at first anyway.

Today’s digital age can be brutal. It’s a yes or a no, a swipe left or right, it leaves no room for error and no place for personal achievement.

As a result, it’s created the ultra-ego. The selfie obsessive. The ‘look how incredible my life is’ show off.

Why is that?

There are two big fears in life: fear of loss and fear of rejection and rejection often feels like a loss. Nobody likes it and people go to great lengths to protect themselves from it.

For the first time in history, our lives are in a display box for the world to see. Some try to hide away by deleting their Facebook profile or use an old headshot for LinkedIn to avoid facing up to an older looking version of themselves.

It’s true our online world can be harsh and the book is often judged by the cover but it’s hard to stay completely offline in a digital era and why are we not presenting the real us? Have we lost our confidence?

Your profile picture is the first thing people see. It’s often the one thing an audience uses to decide if you’re in or out and it’s a powerful tool. It’s our point of difference and something we should hold proudly. The parts we pick fault at are unique to us; our insecurities don’t horrify people, only us. Our awkwardness, to others, can be endearing.

Personalities aren’t built up of the parts we like and desire to be, and if they are, this is fake and nobody can develop a deep connection with someone they see as playing a character.

People love the confident expressionist. The one who stands out from the crowd and doesn’t give energy to those who mock them. These pioneers understand that mockery only serves these people as a shield, a protective barrier.

When we are true to ourselves, people see this and we are invincible to rejection. How can something be rejected if it isn’t up for auction?

A good photographer (or graphic designer) has the power at their fingertips to slim your legs, tone your stomach and remove 15 years from your face but what does this really show? Yet another picture of your best side?

Many photographers do this and do it well, but great photographers do something more. They are perfectionists and wear every image they take as a badge of honour, it’s part of their brand and it’s important. They don’t just take pretty pictures or fake it.

In order to create an incredible image which connects to an audience, they don’t forget about the most important element of a person, their character, what makes you ‘you’.

This is the side you show when you’re not posing or acting professional. When the self-conscious voice in your head has left the building. A great photographer sees this uniqueness and captures it, even if you don’t see it.

It’s no easy task but a photographer that is interested in people and able to connect on a deeper level will bring this hidden charisma out into the forefront.

Showing the real you shouldn’t be scary, it should be empowering and the end result will be an image you are not only excited to share with others but are proud to say, ‘This is me’.

Hero Shot Photography

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