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Updating your companies corporate headshots can be an enjoyable experience!
With over 10 years experience we understand how to plan a headshot shoot to ensure it runs smoothly and always produce incredible headshots that staff are proud.

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Our headshot sessions are relaxed and always focused on getting you the type of headshot you need.

We know how to make shoots fun, even for the most nervous clients.

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Creating beautiful photography of your business and people for websites and marketing materials.

Showing clients and customers who you are, before they meet you.

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Identifying what makes you unique. Personal and Business Branding Shoots that produce amazing imagery for use across websites, magazines, PR and socials.

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“I believe Sam is a master of his craft. He works in a very consultative way to bring out the best in you.”

Everett Shiina | Head of Strategic Accounts


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“Sam is a complete professional. He has a way of making his clients feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.”

Rebecca Hanifin | Marketing Manager

Financial Spectrum

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“I’m not comfortable in these situations but Sam made it easy and made sure we got the right shot. Highly recommend.”

Dr Mark Williams

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Not Photogenic?

Sessions are relaxed and we coach you throughout the process. We know how to make you look good!

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is your professional headshot as impressive as you?

Your profile picture represents you online across a variety of platforms including websites, LinkedIn and social media. We aim to provide the best headshot photography in Brisbane and all major Australian cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A headshot is a portrait specifically tailored for business. It should demonstrate who you are and why people should choose you over anyone else. As human beings, we’re prone to making instant, gut decisions on everything from whether someone is credible, capable and trustworthy. A headshot helps you to bridge this gap and control, to a great extent, the way in which others initially perceive you.

How does black make me look slimmer?

Black is excellent at hiding the contours of the body (lumps and bumps). It does this because you cannot see shadows on black thus it gives the appearance that there aren’t any bumps when viewed at certain angles.

Black items appear smaller than light items

Dark colours recede whilst light colours come forward, this is simply a visual phenomena that makes black items appear smaller than light items when viewed together.

Absence of contours

Unfortunately, the absence of contour and shadow can also make you appear to be wider if you’re not posed correctly.

Dark or light?

In photography the eye is always drawn to areas of the highest contrast first, so if you want to have your headshot on a white background, wearing black will only emphasise your silhouette and so opting for a lighter colour can help to minimise your outline whilst bringing more attention to your face.

For more tips, with pictures, you can read our definitive guide on choosing colours for your headshots here.

The truth is that there are lots of tricks we have to make you look thinner on camera:

  • Pose
  • Posture
  • Body angle
  • Angle of light
  • Camera height
  • Lens choice
  • The fit of your clothing
  • Layering your look
  • Hair style

These components all have the capacity to make a much greater impact on slimming than wearing black.

We work with people of all shapes and sizes so we’ll always give you personalised advice on this when preparing your for a headshot session so its not overwhelming.

Colour can make a big difference to your headshot and is a huge topic in itself. Plain colours are generally your best choice.

Consider bringing colours the you get a lot of compliments in. There’s normally a reason for this.

Anything that matches your eye colour is always a bonus as it will help draw attention to your eyes.

If you are a business owner or a brand ambassador consider wearing a flash of your brand colour. This can be done subtly through an accessory like a tie or belt or through lipstick or eye shadow. For a bolder connection, consider a top or jacket of the same colour.

Subtle flashes tend to work best in our experience and can tie in nicely with your logo when featured on your website.

Rich colours along with gemstone colours (sapphire / ruby / emerald) typically work well on all complexions. Pastels along with patterns are generally best avoided for photography although there are sometimes exceptions.

Our usual turnaround times are 3-5 days from when you’ve made your selections for individual headshot sessions or 5-10 days for groups sessions where we have photographed numerous people.

Professional retouching takes time and isn’t something we like to rush if we can help it so to a lesser degree these times may vary depending upon the number ion shoots we have recently done.

If you need something urgently just let us know, we can almost always turn things around for you the same day or within 24 hours. Just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to meet your deadline.

Sessions for companies can be done over a number of hours or several days.

Our session times for individuals range from 20 minutes to 2 hours. If you are booking a make-up artist through its, you’ll also need to add an hour for this.

In most cases, the length of your session will depend on how experienced you are in front of the camera, your ability to let go and trust the process.

In addition to this, the number of looks you wish to achieve, either through clothing or locations will also play a part in how long we will need for your shoot.

The quick answer to this is ‘Yes’ …ok, you can relax now!

The extent to which we do this varies from person to person.

We work with all of our customers collaboratively in order to achieve the ideal results for each person or project.

We still want you to look like you so we‘ll always advise you on what’s appropriate for your style and industry.